Tina is a knowledgeable, intelligent  and results oriented trainer, who is fully tuned in with her clients. Being a pro, she assessed my level of fitness quickly. From the  first session, Tina flexibly modified the exercises to keep me challenged and enabled me to maintain the form/integrity correctly.

The sessions are a full body workout, even though in some Tina focuses more on the upper body and some on the lower, but always you get your core warm and alive. Tina guides every exercise with a demonstration,  and an articulate and thoughtful recommendation on a safe form. After a month, there was a noticeable progress in strength, agility, balance, and coordination.

Individual yoga sessions with Tina are luxuriously calm and focused on the poses I need to progress in, I enjoy, and always ensure there is no soreness from the other workouts.

Tina is much more than a great trainer, she is a wealth of practical healthy lifestyle information.  It is my pleasure to know and workout with this positive, no nonsense lady.