This is a story about me taking a road trip, eating and drinking too much, then coming home and getting back on track.

I spent this past weekend on a road trip from the San Francisco Bay area to L.A County. Although there is plenty of healthy food choices in Los Angeles,  I chose to relax, have some drinks, and eat freely. I was there to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from the Los Angeles Film School, and celebrate I did!

Here’s a few of my indiscretions:

I indulged in a burger from In & Out on highway 5 for the fun of road tripping (everyone knows you eat the “FF word” on a road trip), I nibbled on an apple flavored lollipop covered in caramel to wake myself up (did I mention it was midnight?), I sipped on a few margaritas during my daughter’s college graduation party (the reason I was there!), and I gorged on a few tacos from one of the local food trucks. I had so much fun eating and drinking what ever I wanted!

So, needless to say that when Monday rolled around,  I wasn’t feeling very good. So, I quickly developed a plan to get back on track and here it is:

6:00A I didn’t skip my morning workout. I taught a spin class, as planned, and even though I was dragging my buns, I worked HARD! I also pounded 40 ounces of fresh water as I trained.

7:30A I ate a fresh apple and raw almonds with a Skin Detox Yogi tea for breakfast.

10:30A I ate one piece of Genesis 1:29 bread with a two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and chopped kale on top with 1 glass of water. I continued to sip on water throughout the morning.

1:30P I made Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup* to calm my irritated stomach. I had 2 cups of this deliciousness but I was hungry again about an hour later so I ate 1/4 cup of pistachios and that satisfied me. Yes, I kept drinking fresh water too.

4:00P I drank a couple of cups of ginger tea and snacked on roasted seaweed.

5:00P I drank a fresh green juice that I made using my juice extractor, and I ate two hard boiled eggs with salt pepper.

6:00P I taught my 55 minute Core Yoga class, while I sipped on my water.

7:00P I practiced Hatha Yoga with one of my favorite local instructors Eileen Gulik in a 90 minute flow class. Oh yes, water was consumed!

9:00P I drank some peppermint and ginger tea after my evening epsom salt bath then slipped into bed for the night.


*I originally got this Ginger Soup recipe from, but I changed it in the recipe below. I hope you like it!

1. I used brown sugar

2. I added about 3 teaspoons of cinnamon

3. I added 1 teaspoon of red chili pepper flakes

3. I added a chunk of minced turmeric

~Here’s a picture of my cute sweet potato that looked like a bird~

The one thing I find most important is that we find balance in or lives. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly not interested in living a lifestyle that doesn’t allow for some freedom to let your hair down and have a good time once in a while! On the other hand, you cannot allow yourself to slip into days that become weeks and even months of bad eating and drinking. Remember, your reflexion in the mirror today is directly related to your lifestyle.