Your private Yoga lesson will be tailored to meet your body and your needs. Additionally, you will have the opportunity of learning the foundations of yoga, and getting answers to questions that arise during your practice.

Tina will begin each session with an assessment of how you are feeling in the moment. She will use an encouraging voice and gentle touch to guide you into proper alignment. After your session you will feel refreshed, balanced, and calm.


Any age, any ability, couples, families, birthday parties, bridal showers…


For the convenience of scheduling flexibility

For deepening an existing yoga practice

For re-entry or initial instruction

For a custom yoga sequence for a home practice

For injury rehabilitation (surgery, car accidents and trauma)

Improve health issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, arthritis, headaches,

Creating balance, self-love, self-empowerment, confidence, inner peace,

Increasing your athletic performance (sports specific: golf, tennis, running, basketball, etc)

Lose weight and reach fitness goals

Postnatal yoga- recovery from pregnancy and childbirth while learning to balance life with a newborn baby

Life makeovers and health cleanses

Experience a deeper connection to your body, heart, and intuitive voice.


I will travel to your preferred destination at your convenience.


For information about rates, please visit the rates page.